Simple, Safe & Mobile

YOURmeds is about keeping the whole family connected and healthy. Elderly relatives can be monitored and supported allowing them to remain independent for longer. For busy parents, remembering to take their medication during a stressful day can be hard; with YOURmeds, it's easy to check. For children, parents want to know that they have taken their meds on time and be there to support them whether they are at school or out with friends.
  • The worry of forgetting to take your medication is gone. When it’s time to take your medication the tag’s screen will clearly display the correct blister number and audibly alarm.

  • YOURmeds can help people to live in their own home for longer - saving expensive care home costs.

  • Improved labelling and description of your medication makes it all easy to understand.

  • The YOURmeds pack is fully mobile and lightweight so you can take YOURmeds anywhere.

  • Enjoy the peace of mind of YOURmeds . YOURmeds Tag and/or monitoring service may be FREE via your care provider or pharmacy depending on your circumstances. Alternatively contact us for a competitive quote

  • Peace of mind if you miss a round, your support network of family, friends and carers are alerted via the YOURmeds App no matter where you or they are.

  • The YOURmeds App can be used as an extra reminder directly to your phone for when your medication is not convenient to keep close by.

  • Mobile technology means no need for Wi-Fi or Broadband.

  • Use the YOURmeds Portal to monitor your progress. Easily share this with your GP and other Healthcare professionals, with the aim of increasing your medication adherence to improve your health and wellbeing.

  • VAT Relief Available - There is a reduced cost if you are eligible for VAT relief, so do check! Carers Allowance and Attendance Allowance can also help to pay for YOURmeds if you have to pay yourself.

Still have more questions? Try checking our FAQs for more information or Contact Us directly.

What's in the Box

  • All of your medications organised and filled into a weekly YOURmeds pack, delivered directly to you for free.
  • An accessories pack including; a charger, a reusable cover and foam guide for your pack and a set of simple instructions on how use the tag and portal.
  • A YOURmeds Tag with unlimited data.
  • Free access to the online portal to monitor your progress.
  • Unlimited app downloads for you and your support network
  • You can also link your Care Provider to support you and your care plan in real-time.