YOURmeds can increase capacity in social care, whilst helping to reduce hospital admissions.

YOURmeds is designed to help people live independently for longer, through better management of their medication. For social services, care agencies can optimise the way they work, thus increasing the number of hours they can provide - bringing more people into the safety net.

1 in 20 hospital admissions are for adverse drug reactions - primarily because people have not taken their meds, or the wrong ones. YOURmeds is dispensed by pharmacy professionals and the system guides you to which dose to take, thus reducing chances of making a mistake. A major benefit to CCGs.

Finally, YOURmeds brings peace of mind to the user, their families and carers. By supporting you every step of the way, you are much more likely to take your medication as prescribed, allowing you to get on with what you enjoy doing most.

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